Experience Valle Sabbia

Experience Valle Sabbia is a new guide which aims to acquaint travellers with this unique territory, through themed itineraries that range from history and culture (such as the imposing fortress Rocca d'Anfo) to tourism and the environment (Lake Idro and the High peaks of Bagolino).
A substantial part is also dedicated to those areas that despite being off the beaten track are very much worth discoverng.
Most of the walks are short-medium in length and are suitable for anyone wishing to enjoy easy walks in the mountains (the more difficult or longer routes are clearly indicated).
Every itinerary is complete with useful indications about accessibility, difficulty, journey times and areas of intere.

Experience Valle Sabbia is presented by the Territorial Agency for Tourism in Valle Sabbia and Lake Idro, under the patronage of the Comunità Montana di Valle Sabbia and the Provincia di Brescia.

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